In traditional science sound is considered a matter of pressure-waves, in principle, and studied from that point of view. The knowledge and insights thus acquired are by no means sufficient to cover the impact and significance sound has proved to have in the course of time. By now it has become obvious that there is more to sound than has been explained by science so far.


The essential information in sound is stored in a structure of resonance rather than a pressure-wave. Therefore the amount of energy in sound (pressure-build-up) does not equal the amount of information transferred.

The pressure-wave represents linear processes, whereas the resonance-pattern is responsible for non-linear processes. This non-linear natural phenomenon when complex conditions within the harmonic structure are met. At that moment this resonating whole behaves, as it were, as some kind of a magnetic field with self-correcting features. This field can penetrate deeply into matter, without colouring or interference, and can subsequently program the information flawlessly into the matter. In living organisms the vegetative nerve-systems is stimulated in this way. This system bypasses the sensoric nerve-system and works 24 times faster than transference by nerve cells. In particular, complex information-structures and connections are established within this system.


With the NVG-ProCéDé technology it becomes possible to record and convey, among others, exactly these resonance patterns in sound. In this way the NVG-ProCéDé-sound obtains more of the qualities of sound in natural circumstances, and consequently stimulates all creative processes to a large extent.